Parenting Workshop

Part 2 of Positive Discipline: Circle of Security

This is another series of 8 weekly sessions to help connect with your child on an emotional level, to understand not only their physical needs but their emotional needs as well.

Our Family Resource Facilitator Waffa Elhaddad will help parents:

  • choose security
  • help parents be bigger & stronger and kind while remaining wise
  • direct them on the correct path of secure attachment
  • repairing relationships

This program starts March and will continue through June 2019

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting

This series of 8 weekly sessions will help you identify your long-term parenting goals and learn: 

·         How day to day interactions can help you reach these goals
·         How to self-regulate so you can help your child learn this critical life skill
·         How to use warmth and structure – two of the most important parenting tools
·         How your child’s brain and body develop over time, and how to adjust your parenting strategies as your child grows.
·         How a problem solving approach can be applies in any challenging situation.

For parents of children from infancy to 18 years of age. 

Starting from January 15th, 2019

Limited spaces available


Michele Heights Community House 613-829-4353

Location: Michele Heights Community House, 2950 Penny Drive. Unit 102

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